A city that’s frozen in time & hiking up an active volcano

Hey, guys welcome back or hello if this is your first time. Follow the multiple posts and my journey on my blog as I embark, and disembark, a ship cruising around the Mediterranean Sea! There are a lot of photos here so grab yourself a cuppa and read on…

The first day consisted of visiting¬†the beautiful city of Pompeii, a city frozen in time from a volcano explosion that covered the city in ash. Killing many people from the roman generation who were living there but keeping the cities history for thousands of years to come…

On our first official day exploring and stepping off the boat and we were docked in Naples, Italy. We drove about twenty minutes, to the ancient city of Pompeii. This beautiful city was frozen in time, as behind the city is Mount Vesuvius (the volcano) that exploded and covered the city in 11m of ash. It is speculated that the locals, at the time, did not know the mountain in the nearby landscape, was an active volcano. The ash conserved the cities history from the Roman era but wiped out the people who lived there (around 79AD) from the gas the ash produced. Fortunately, some of the city inhabitants escaped to the nearby countryside and survived to tell the tale

Welcome to Pompeii

We had a hilarious Italian tour guide who gave us all of these facts on a green radio (in case you were wondering what was this weird object in the photos around Pompeii).

QUICK FACT: The Amphitheatre in Pompeii is the worlds’ oldest stone buildings… (80BC)

Our tour guide was mainly entertaining adults and played a game of spot the phallic symbols, used in 79AD, to show the way to the working women in the city.

If you are lucky enough to visit Pompeii take loads of water and a good afternoon, many of the places surrounding Pompeii are used to tourists and will charge you for the most minute things. I would suggest heading to a nearby town/finding somewhere away from the main tourist area. However, our tour guide offered us a deal for £16 for a meal, drink and dessert.

Mount Vesuvius

In the afternoon we walked partly up Mount Vesuvius but the sights were well worth it. However, it was 30+ degrees, if we had had the option then I would have definitely gone for the hike in the morning in the cooler temperatures! We were driven up on our coach to about 3/4 up Mount Vesuvius, then we were dropped off and walked another hour to the summit. In the heat, I would definitely recommend this way!

On the way up the mountain, there are about two or three shops/cafes which are really useful in case you run out of water or fancy some memorabilia of your trip.

Mount Vesuvius is the only active volcano in mainland Europe it last erupted in 1944 during WW2, so if you are a thrillseeker book your flight to Italy!

Mount Vesuvius

Italy has been one of my favourite countries to visit, I cannot wait to book another trip there.

If you got this far thank you for reading! Hope to draw your eyes back soon …

Sophie x


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