A new adventure? First look …

Hey, guys welcome back or hello if this is your first time. Last week I published a post on creating new content and here it is…

This week I am travelling on a cruise ship for the first time and I am so excited, I’m going to try to post as regularly as I can. Feel free to follow my social media’s to keep up to date with publishing times! I am sailing the Mediterranean Sea this week I am beyond ready for a new adventure. I’ll be visiting 2 countries I have never been to before & they’ve been on my travel bucket list for the longest time!

Then we boarded a Marella cruise! Here are some photos from our amazing ship! I will upload more photos throughout the week and do a final review of our ship. 

As we are on a family holiday we have one sea view room and one inside cabin room 🙂 more photos will be in other blog posts (and the final ship review). This place is incredible and huge, we are all-inclusive and we started with a beer whilst exploring the ship.

Then, since we had been up since 4am we napped, showered and relaxed. We then dined at The Glass House, a tapas restaurant part of the all-inclusive experience.

After dinner, we said bye to Palma, Majorca and set sail for the start of our brand new adventure. We watched as the alight city faded into the distance and marvelled at the onboard broadway. 

The following day we spent at sea sailing to our next destination, we needed a full day to sail to start our cruise then after this we spend every night sailing to a new port and a new destination. We spent the day relaxing, grabbing a coffee and sitting by the indoor pool. As well as exploring the ship more, the place is huge and exploring is an activity in its own right.

In the evening we dined at 47 Degrees Restaurant and dressed smartly for the ships “best dressed evening”. On the deck we saw the most beautiful calm sea, slightly rippled in the sunset. I’ve never seen anything so tranquil or relaxing… let the adventure begin.

Thanks for reading. Hope to see you clicking again soon…

Next stop… 🇮🇹





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