Moving House! The 1st step to 2nd year …

Welcome back, guys! This coming week we have moved, into our new house.

Packing up my flat!

Day-1! Today I spent about 4 hours starting to pack up my little flat and room, even though it’s a sweltering 31 degrees outside! This led to the realisation that I hoard clothes, and I have way too many… So, today I have ticked off my bathroom, my wardrobe and my bedside table! Feeling accomplished and ready for a full day packing tomorrow 💪🏻

Day 2… MESS EVERYWHERE! (The reality of packing) Today was my full day to turn on packing mode, I spent all day packing then went out for dinner with my future-housemates!



Empty room tour, a whole lot of mess, organising etc…

In the middle of all of the unpacking, we each needed new bits and bobs for the house. So here are some random photos from our shopping expedition.


BOY did this take time but I am happy with everything! It may change when I officially move back in September!


We unpacked our kitchen on the first night whilst munching on some pizza. Then we chilled and continued to unpack the rest of the house. It would be rude not to- we cracked open a cold bottle of Rose to celebrate the new house and our pad for the second year!



If you don’t have a kettle, boil some water at your old place, put it in a flask that won’t leak… have a well-deserved cuppa in your new place.


They sure love that cupboard …

An extra room… Hazel’s new digs

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Thanks for reading – S x

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