What I took to University

If you’re planning on going to University or considering moving out. This post is for you.

Hey guys, ages ago I posted on Instagram about whether you would all like to read some new content. The majority vote was that it would be interesting to find out about University life. Well, I’m studying at a university in Sheffield, for reasons of online privacy, I am not mentioning which one! I hope you enjoy this post about university, if you’re a WordPress reader or follow me on Instagram- leave a comment or a DM(@soph_e.cphotos) if you’d love any more uni content?!

This is a post for anyone who is interested or wants some inside knowledge of what someone took to university. It is expensive to fully kit yourself out for Uni however, second hand or old things are great to take too.

What I’m taking-       Kitchen!

The pictures below were taken before I moved to Uni, just when I had bought everything. Beneath those pictures are how I actually use the products I bought.


All of the above are from Ikea, bar the white organiser from Sainsbury’s. Flowers are great for university accommodation, if you’re living in a city there may not be as much greenery as smaller towns. My home is definitely greener than the city centre but I can honestly say I love both. (apologies for the poor quality pictures but it’s genuinely just to show you what I bought to stock the kitchen!)

What I’m taking-       Bedroom!

These cute photos are a mixture, again from IKEA, of a pack of 6/8 and they are just decorative purposes, using command strips. If you are a uni student double check your tenancy for agreements. There are also other decorative items… that I have placed on bookshelves etc. Kitchen storage for people who have 5x everything needed in a regular kitchen is a tight fit, items not regularly used can be placed in your room if there is space. E.g. if you buy a pack of 6 wine glasses, really only going to use 2 if it’s just me, I keep the rest in my room. I also store food that is acceptable for storage at room temperature e.g. stuff that can be placed in cupboards.


Pictures are so important to remind you of home, I also have a few good luck cards which I have pinned up. I have taken some baskets from home for storage, I also have storage beneath my bed, if you don’t have this I would suggest buying some more storage. However, don’t buy anything until you know you need it. Behind that is a tray that can be used for a work surface or cups of tea etc in bed or on the floor… just stabilises a worktop.


My bedding is from Marks and Spencer, a throw, a large pillow etc… super cosy and good quality. However, cheaper bedding from Primark or supermarkets is just as good.

Enlarged photo

I bought some additional baskets when I got here. These baskets hold food on the shelves without making them look a mess, they are NOT a necessity, it just makes my room feel more like a room- rather than an extension of my kitchen. These baskets were from Primark, still available and you can buy them inexpensively.



I also keep my coffee machine in my room, it was our old family one. Honestly, the best thing I took!

What I’m taking-       Bathroom!

My bathroom is generally pretty basic, small shower, little toilet and a sink. Tend to keep cleaning supplies, medicines, wet wipes etc.


Thanks so much for reading! One of my main motivations for this blog post was: when I was researching I really wanted something that could give me a rough idea of what other people have taken to uni. If you enjoyed this content then watch this space, more Uni content, travel content etc. is coming soon!

If the processes of accommodation at University interest you guys, let me know as I will be moving into 2nd-year accommodation soon and can talk more about that on here. Thanks again for reading… if you want to be more up-to-date then be sure to follow my socials and subscribe to the blog

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the uni week (even if the posts were not everyday- sorry!)

Socials are at the bottom of the page!



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