Visiting my Uni friends

Hey guys, welcome to the fourth instalment of university content! (Links below if you want to read previous pieces.)

Two blog posts about two times over the last two weeks, I’ve visited Birmingham to see Flo and travelled to Norfolk with my uni friends to see Liv’s home town.

24hrs in Birmingham


Travelling down to Birmingham for a quick trip to see my bestie! aka @flo_cooper. We had a great morning, despite the train being diverted… but it was a gift because it meant I had more time to sit and write my assignment. We spent the morning and early afternoon, parading the streets of Birmingham and looking in all the new shops… ESPECIALLY the new big Primark! B I G   M I S T A K E  it was a bank holiday.

Quick stop-off lunch at Las Iguanas, Birmingham. Who has a really good lunch menu btw! (( and cocktails- of course ))


It’s a given when you go and visit any friend at university that you go out-out! So Coop and I went to Przym with a few people from her university and some random people that decided to join our photos… cool. I had the best time catching up with my girl, who looked stunning!!!!! (@flo_cooper)

So, I made myself some crazy hair (why not) and went out in Birmingham!


48hrs in Norfolk

During a weekend at the beginning of May, I visited Norfolk, my friend’s hometown. This is more of a photo diary of a couple of days I spent with my two uni friends and at one of their houses down south!

I didn’t take that many photos but I did have the best time. Never before had I been to Norwich and it’s B E A U T I F U L. I for one, cannot wait to go back. I only really took pictures around Norwich but I went with my two beauties of friends, Liv and Hazel from my uni.  Enjoy the photos!

INSTAGRAM: @myhammandromance @hazeldaynes

Visiting an antique shop in Norfolk:

 St Gregory’s Antiques and Collectables 

Around Norwich

Visiting Alchemista, Norfolk (@alchemistacoffeeco)

Car rides with these two

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See you tomorrow!



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