How to: Have an organised revision day 2019

16D4C7D2-7729-4C8A-B0CA-F29C8ECE8972.jpeg Welcome to instalment #3 of Uni week!

Hi guys! So for many around the globe it’s exam season. Lots of my friends comment on my organisational skills, I hope this blog post can give you a few tips and tricks to remain organised; and on task whatever you’re studying for. I’m in my first year of university, so I hope my range of study worthy tips can help you out or give you some new ideas.

Tip 1: Get up early!

I’m not a morning person but honestly having a good morning routine can make you want to get up and be on time. For school I used to drag myself out of bed, but now ive left I was finding it difficult- wanting to lie in etc. But I just keep telling myself not long now then you can do whatever you please!  If you’re interested in my morning routine (bit of self-promo – there’s already a post up on that!) (( just click right here >>> Morning Routine ☁️☀️ ))

Tip 2: Find motivation!

Having a good breakfast or something you can look forward to in the morning can be real motivation to get up, whether you’re a foodie or a warm drink lover, grab whatever makes you smile and freshen your brain for a day of studying. Some find it helpful to have a physical vision of positivity with pictures from Pinterest or personal pictures, that visualise a good working space or aspirations such as university. These tips are genuine, I have the Pinterest app on my phone and I have a board for study motivation.


Tip 3: Plan or briefly plan…

PLAN- to plan your time for me is doing it hour by hour. Firstly I would make a list of all the topics I wasn’t sure of for each subject I was taking, then I would slowly plan these into a revision timetable. This helps if you have a specification you can read through and highlight.

BRIEFLY PLAN- If you’re too busy for a busy planning session then try working from just a list. Make, say 3 topics your priority for the day (depending on how much content they have), then try and get them all confidently crossed off, by the end of the day.

I have always found this site (theorganisedstudent) very helpful for printout timetables, get revising also does online timetables that can cater to your own personal preferences but this can take some time. Or you can obviously create your own.

Tip 4: Tidy environment

To be able to have a tidy space when revising is uber important to me and many others, such simple tasks, such as, making your bed can make you feel more productive and organised for the day. Tidy your room, especially if that is where you’re studying for the day, if not find a good place at your educationary base, at my sixth form we had a silent study room which could help/ university library.

Tip 5: Plan breaks in the day

If you’re in school then you naturally have timetabled breaks, so make sure you take them, or timetable a break yourself if you prefer to work through lunch then go home early. (Sixth formers and College kids only I’m afraid). If you’re on study leave then plan your time around you, have lunch but keep to restricted times because if you’re like me you’ll probably need them (I would much rather sit and watch Netflix but unfortunately these exams won’t revise themselves).

Tip 6: Have a good night routine

  1. Have a good cut off point –> depending on how you study, for me I prefer to study into the evening such as 8/9:30pm is when I will stop studying. This is because this is the time I am the most productive. Then I will have time where I can watch some shows or chill out with a cup of a tea.
  2. Have something that can calm you down –> by this I mean a few things in the evening that relax you and get you ready for bed. (I work in a pub and after bustling round for hours it can be hard to settle down for bed and a good nights sleep when I get in late. ) But, having a good routine such as bath, shower, cup of tea etc. will really help you. For me I love to get clean, take my make-up off, chat to friends and listen to podcasts then settle down for sleep.
  3.  DON’T DRINK COFFEE BEFORE SLEEP. –> if you’re a coffee lover … and you love a good cup of coffee then don’t drink it in the evening is my advice, advice that is backed up by many science articles- just google it. Stimulants will keep you awake which ultimately results in- not allot of sleep- and needing more sleep aka… not making most of the following day to revise. If you can’t resist, drink a naturally decaffeinated drink/decaf tea/coffee.

Additional Mini – revision tip:

{if you want to… record yourself using voice memos (iPhone) reading through your cue cards, I find it really helpful for times when I am walking to a place to have my headphones in and be answering the questions. Or listening to them as an alternative to podcasts, personally I quite like it – as soon as you get over listening to your own voice- but a few friends have said they may not be able to concentrate when listening to themselves. However, my philosophy, don’t beat it until you’ve tried it.}

Here’s the end of my blog if you got this far and enjoyed it please like and comment below, best of luck with any exams if you have any. I hope these tips and tricks have helped, and that it’s not too late to apply them.



See you tomorrow !

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