Visiting the Giants- Phlegm

Mausoleum of the Giants

Bit of a different post but I hope you enjoy it… an arty inspired post. Even if you’re not an artist you can appreciate these stunning creations…

So this week myself and my buddy Hazel, had the amazing opportunity of visiting the sculptures curated by Phlegm, a Sheffield-based artist. The sculpture works, known as ‘Giants’, have been created since November. In no way, shape or form am I an art critic just an interested party.

In the space of an old steel factory (making cutlery) is now the carefully curated pieces of a truly renowned artist.





Many of Phlegm’s wall murals are painted around the city of Sheffield, as well as: Iceland, Birmingham, Dulwich and Belgium. Little did we know how popular this exhibition would be, literally a once in a lifetime experience as most of the pieces are too large to be moved from the building. However, a select few that can be transported, will be put into museums. We got there an hour before it opened to the public and there were already about 50 people waiting… by the time it opened there were 150-250 people in line waiting for the exhibition to open.  Worth the wait, these pictures will show you why.


If you’re planning on visiting the exhibition (it’s available until 06.04.19)  I would much rather you see these pieces in real life as the photos are only a few snapshot angles of the amazing sculptures. **** see the end of the post for more info****








In my opinion… The MOST AMAZING Giant!!



However, if you are planning on going to the exhibition… I would suggest arriving an hour early as they let groups of 30 in for 20 minutes at a time. You can find additional information here: Mausoleum of Giants.

Thanks for reading, more content coming soon…

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Visiting the Giants- Phlegm

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