A Week in my Life- First Year Student

SC -Uni Week-No1

SMALL UPDATE! This week Mon-Sat I’m posting every day about university experiences… here’s the first. Enjoy.

Hi, guys welcome to some different content! A week in my life with photos (when I remembered ) of my week! I spend most of my week in University but for those that are interested here’s the life of a first-year student, living in Sheffield. (Yes this was a while ago!)

Monday 26th – A full day in uni & Carol Concert

Both of the Christian unions from the universities in Sheffield collaborated to produce an amazing concert tonight. Then myself & a friend went to see the markets late at night ☃️

Tuesday 27th – Another full day in uni of seminars and lectures…

Wednesday 28th – ONLY 2 hours in uni! Nandos!

Okay so a Nandos is not that normal… but TREAT YO SELF. Hehe. & we live in the centre of Sheffield so we are near to some great restaurants.

Thursday 29th – All day in Placement at a Primary School & maccies!

Maccies is always a quick dinner after a full long day of teaching.

Friday 30th – Poetry assignment & night out?

A night out with my faves!


Saturday 1st DECEMBER!! A very chilled day … hey hey (actually no pun intended)

Spent the day relaxing and the afternoon/evening in the library, assignment writing and lesson planning for my placement the following week.

Sunday 2nd – Early working at a coffee stall & preparing for another week!

So I have an occasional job that helps pay for uni things when I don’t work at home! I worked on a coffee stand serving drinks to runners, it was a very early start but a looooonnngggg day.


Then I spent the evening prepping for another week! Normally I would food shop, to be honest, but I forgot about Sunday trading hours so ending up delivering food because I had nothing in!! So I tried PieMinister a Bristol-based independent shop, really really good …

Thank you so much for reading, the support you give me guys motivates me to write these posts throughout busy times at University, even if it means I post them a little later! If you would like more university content

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See you tomorrow with another installment…


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