Travel: San Francisco

Hi guys welcome back!

I’ve spaced these blog posts apart, so I hope you enjoy the next instalment of the America series from my travels this summer. Hope you enjoy us spending time in San Francisco.

The coolest airport & hotel hell – 08/08/18


Detroit airport

Arriving in  San  Francisco

So… I never normally do bad reviews on this blog as I want it to be always positive however, this ‘hotel’ is not a ‘hotel’. It was horrendous, massive stairs- not accessible, dodgy rooms, gunshots outside etc. It was a scary time and we moved to another hotel, but the place we went to was not safe, so just 100% do your research…! Lesson Learnt.

Anyways back to the fun that was America.

Boat trips & the most American experience – 09/08/18

Around San Francisco…

Alcatraz Cruises

Takes you around Alcatraz, the island a prisoners nightmare where in the olden days they sent prisoners, there are many legendary stories of how they escaped. Then the cruise took us under the Golden Gate Bridge which was coated with mist so we couldn’t see allot to be honest. So hard to book even in advance so book as soon as you know you’re going however, even the cruise was a great sight…


We watched giants vs pirates baseball game at AT&T Park. The game was amazing but if you ever go make sure to wrap up warm our 1st mistake. Second mistake take good & drinks …. it cost us $13 – £10/11 ish for two bottles of coke!! However it’s a great American social event, tickets are not that expensive ($20).

The cutest town … Sauscalito

If you’re not a city person but still want to see San Francisco (even if you are a city person) then visit Sausalito, it’s gorgeous… see for yourself.

That’s the end of this part of our trip. There are still two more America Blog Posts to go live… STAY TUNED for one of the coolest ‘old american’ hotels! Thank you guys so much for reading… apologies these posts are a lot later than I wanted them to be!

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