Travel: Erie, PA

Hi Guys, welcome back to my blog posts travelling around America!

NEXT STOP on the America Trip was Pennsylvania, specifically Erie. I have family who live near Lake Erie, (Dot & Don) who kindly offered us some accommodation for a few days! It was amazing having a few days around their pool and chilling in the American heat. I’m just writing about things we did for the few days we were here, this is a longer post, but this was the chilled part of our holiday where we visited fewer places.


We made our way from New York to New Jersey, from one city to another to pick up our rental car. We used a company called Budget for our next ticket across the United States. From Lexington avenue to Peach Street, took all day. For lunch, a place called Grill and chill, a salad for a change then a longer drive to Sandy Lake. We stopped again for dinner this time at Hometown Pizza and Grill, it was like an eat in dominoes, crispy baked pizzas for miles, humongous pizzas must be an American speciality as I do not know anywhere in the UK that sells such large pizzas. Except for those posts we all see on Facebook “if you and 2 friends could finish this you could win £1000 or if you can’t pay £100 each”; I’m telling you the waitress said a party of 16 hungry truckers could just finish it so place your bets if 3 people want to try it.

Well after a lengthy journey literally full of the worst rain I have ever seen (yes worse than the U.K) and the sunshine which draws majority to the American dream, we arrived in Erie, PA. Suitcases were dragged out of the cars, greetings were said and views were captured, the fireflies danced across the fields lighting up the front path towards the house. Their street was everything you see in the movies, houses with grand doors, huge pools, luxurious seating and garages that seem to stretch for miles. One thing that did amaze me was that there was no fence around an individual’s land, the only thing that had to be fenced was individual swimming pools, people are free to roam around the state like a fish to water.

So, we Brits are not afraid of chilly weather, in fact give us 25 degrees heat and we will still be in a swimming pool at 10pm at night. Splash 😋

Sunday 5th August-

Today was a lazy relaxed day, we’d spent the last few days being non-stop in New York (which was amazing) but, as it’s in Sunday’s nature we needed to chill. Late afternoon we decided to visit Lake Erie, which we didn’t realise was a fresh water lake. I normally don’t enjoy fully swimming in the sea due to salt water, unfortunately we didn’t realise that it was fresh water otherwise we would’ve 100% spent the afternoon swimming.

We then headed to the mall, not noticing the time, we had about 10 minutes before the mall was shutting so we headed back the next day. During our ten minutes we found out a rather interesting fact. So, in the US everything is a price + tax, rather than the UK which is price (with tax included); but in PA they do not pay tax on clothing so all the clothes are cheaper than they would be in other states and cheaper than the UK… well worth the shopping!


Shopping at Millcreek Mall: So, you may be saying, huh? at the title, I entered a candy store for some fudge from PA, mint fudge was amazing, and the lovely server asked where I was from. So I said England, he then asked me loads of questions predominately about London and could tell from my accent that apparently I sound like princess Diana, by this he meant English (lol).

For dinner: We went to the Hibachi Restaurant. Japanese food from a chef that is cooked right on your table, live entertainment for the food, we also had loads of leftovers. The day this is published head over to my Instagram (linked in the header and below) to watch the videos of the night. It was the most amazing restaurant, the food portions were enormous…. see below.

Tuesday 7th August 2018- NIAGARA FALLS & IN A COUNTRY FOR 10 MINUTES?

Tuesday, we went to Niagara Falls which is about 2 hours away from where we were, pre-warning it is very expensive!! Just parking was $25… never mind the tickets etc… However, the views are breath taking and the prices help to fund the up-keep of the park and the national treasure that is, the falls.

We had an amazing day riding the maid of the mist to see Niagara Falls upfront, then we took the train to see many other things around the national park. Such as the Niagara Aquarium, this was a fun aquarium but was small compared to other chains.

At the end of this day trip, Canada was just a walk away so at 6pm we walked across the border and through border control to spend 10 minutes in Canada… see the pictures.


It was our final day in Erie, Dot & Don took us to a branch called Cracker Barrell for breakfast, this place was so unique. The walls were decorated with pots and pans, there was games around and it was fun and friendly.

Finally, these are some snapshots of my family’s house, obviously there is only a few as this is their property. There house is honestly gorgeous, so American and there are a few pictures of surrounding neighbourhoods.

Then we headed to the airport and said bye to Pennsylvania. Tune in next post to see the coolest airport I think I’ll ever visit, on the way to the next stop on the America tour. Thanks for reading guys, if you want to keep more up to date be sure to follow my social medias, which are linked down below and in the header of Sophie Cartwright Blog ^^^.

S x

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