Prague- a Christmas Getaway

Welcome Back!

Apologies for the MIA content … anyways here’s a festiveĀ blog post for you all to bring back all the feels šŸ™ŒšŸ»

Around June time 2017 myself and my best friend (Ellie Dougan) booked a holiday for the both of us for Christmas, we decided to fly to Prague in the Czech Republic for a few days after we’d broke up from sixth form and before Christmas Day. We flew out on Wednesday 20th December 2017 and returned on Saturday 23rd December 2017. We wanted a girls holiday! As booked in advance we managed to get the holiday for a good price! The same best friend has written a guest write on my blog so go and check it out!Ā  Anyways … onto our time in Prague!

Wednesday 20th December 2017

Today is the day we fly out! Been looking forward and planning this day for what seems like forever!! We break up from school this day at 1pm but our flights were in the evening so it seems we definitely needed some pre-organisation so make sure to check out my packing blog post if you ever need help with this! We headed to the airport for around 3pm and our flights were at 6. We flew to Prague with EASYJET airlines who were great.

After bad weather on the runway our flight was delayed by 40 minutes whilst we were sat on the plane. We arrived at the hotel, Hotel Orea Pyramida, and felt shattered. We decided to unpack, settle ourselves in, charge devices etc. Then we went for a walk around the hotel to find where we needed to go for breakfast, the bar and the pool. All relatively easy to find we had an early night at around 10:30pm and crashed after a day of travelling.

Thursday 21st December 2017

Today we decided would be our full day of doing everything. In Prague there is so many tourist spots. We decided to walk towards Prague Castle, to take in the surroundings and the local town. It took us around 20-25 minutes to walk to the castle, big tourist attractions are heavily sign posted but smaller attractions you’ll probably need a map or google maps.

We bought a section ticket from Prague Castle, meaning that we saw the main bits of the castle and could walk around the grounds. Prague Castle has very heavy security policies which require a scanner and bag check etc. with it being very monumental historic building to the country which was around Ā£10 (KC200).

The castle was huge and definitely worth spending at least an hour if not more walking around! There are plenty of Christmas markets inside if youĀ visitĀ hereĀ during the Christmas period.


After this we tracked to the next point of call, Charles Bridge. A historical, beautifully constructed bridge, with specific statues at different points beyond the bridge, however as it was busy before Christmas, I would suggest-Ā either go early in the morning or late at night when the tourists seem to have faded out. The surrounding town that connects the two towns within Prague together.

Just beyond the Charles bridge isĀ a small little side street situating many different, cafĆ©s, bakeries and restaurants. We found a place where they were selling real hot chocolates, something Ellie was craving considering the temperature that we were walking in was beginning to numb our limbs. We sat outside under a cover, you may be thinking what a stupid idea… but, no. This restaurant was clever in place of a table leg a heater we sat down at this table and ordered some hot drinks to help restore warmth to our statues. An English couple behind us ordered Pizza’s and we fancied the same, we wanted pizzas and pizzas we got (I also got a mocktail), the prices were very reasonable and we had leftovers.

As the evening fell we went to see the clock but it is still under renovation so there wasn’t much to photograph but there was the biggest array of markets I’ve ever seen, much more impressive and beautiful than Manchester Christmas Markets, they were so elegant, they even had an amazing tree which certain music the lights lit up and danced along to the tune. It was magical, out of this world experience, despite the cold weather the Christmassy atmosphere made this trip even more exciting and special.

Then we went to the Hard Rock CafĆ©- Prague Centre and even managed to navigate the trams home despite almost getting lost- eeek! They’re not that difficult after an hour or so.. the following day we did the tube to! just make sure you’ve done the London underground and you can figure out ish where you’re going.

Friday 22nd December 2017


We decided to hit the last local icon which was the John Lennon wall, this was on our list to visit even before we had booked this holiday. Yes- it’s a tourist spot but if you head over there at 11am ish they’ll be less tourists and less tourist groups; but honestly there is that much art on the walls it wasn’t a struggle to get a picture. There were some amazing parts to the wall and it was such a fascination to look at each individual piece of artwork, how every artist has placed their own input and this is an artefact that’s celebrated in the country rather than disgraced. It’s such a beautiful commemoration of modern culture- enjoy theĀ photosĀ (and of course we goofed around with the camera).

p.s there are always sneak peeks on my Instagram so make sure you follow below!

R E S E A R C HĀ  Ā is your best friend that in a different country, we spent the evening before looking at what we wanted to do the next day, we decided that we wanted to find a boat trip we didn’t have much planned for the day so we decided to do this was a little tour of Prague although I would suggest doing this on the first day then you can oversee the towns and see everything you might want to do. They ran tours from nearby the castle every 30/40/60 minutes. So, whilst waiting for the next boat we wandered back toĀ a park that we had walked past in the town a small entrance way that led to a wildlife expanse.

Boat Trip led us down the beautiful river and this meant that we were able to see the beautiful lines

…the boat we were on served drinks and had an indoor and an outdoor viewing are but with it being December we chose to sit indoors and have a cup of tea… which weirdly in Prague was always served in glass rather than ceramics… leaveĀ a comment below what you drink your tea in? (if you’re a tea drinker)

Then we grabbed some lovely lunch from a place right next to the Franz Kafka museum, best place we ate, lovely meal.

Saturday 23rd December 2017

Christmas eve-eve- We spent the follow morning tidying up and with a long airport delay… Pre-warning if you get stuck in Prague airport then there is a canteen and a Czech pub, very limited but good shopping if you want to do this, however, the WIFI is free so you can chill and watch films if needed but 5 hours was a little too much for us! But all in all we had a great time…

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Thanks for reading šŸ™‚

The images presented in this blog, are all my own please do not take them and copyright- with thanks SC

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