Travel: A weekend in Glasgow


A few weekends ago I visited the wonderful city of Glasgow. I went budget friendly to visit one of my best friends (Shania) who moved to Scotland about a year ago-  In Glasgow we had a girly weekend together in the city. I took my camera so I thought I would give you a little run down of what we did… However, we weren’t really sight seeing our trip was mainly about little traditions we used to have when we lived near each other, spending time together and having a good time (and celebrating her 18th birthday belatedly.)! (Budget Friendly of course)

Day one- Travelling- Friday 20th October 2017

Early start at a 7am train to Manchester, I then had around an hours changeover and I bought a card got a Starbucks you know typical I’m wasting time routine. Then got the direct train to Glasgow * all these tickets and return cost around £65 for return as well but if you book far enough in advance then a return can be bought for £37. Ours was a last minute trip so unfortunately ended up paying almost full price.

S T A R B U C K S #2When I arrived a had no idea where I was and this meant I was looking like your typical tourist, it was 1pm and I couldn’t check in until 3pm… another 2 hours and I my friend didn’t arrived for another 90 minutes.

Eventually I found my way to Buchanan Bus Station, and then met up with my friend, Starbucks in hand! Then we headed to where we were staying, we looked at many different places to stay and we decided to stay at the Euro Hostel, a well known chain of hostels it wasn’t 5***** accommodation but it was good enough for two nights.

Then in the evening we decided to have a chilled night and do our typical traditions of a little bit of Primark shopping, Pizza and a movie! So we bought some pizza but from round the corner for take out got some ciders & watched a film back at the accommodation :). A perfect old time cosy night in with my bestie.

After this I really wanted a cup of tea so we walked around the city at around 8pm to find somewhere that was open … ended up being central station costa. Then we walked down the main street and saw some markets and live music, it was magical. If I had been 18 too then we definitely would have had some drinks outside and listened to this guy playing late night tunes. We found this cute little ‘city tree’ which was clean eco greenery in the city, something I have never seen before I like the concept but I’m not sure if it will ever catch on…

Euro Hostel Review!

Great for a few nights but not for much longer, room was cleaned everyday but the beds were very uncomfortable and springy, the bar was pleasant and the morning food looked adequate but there are plenty of places around that are more local that you can go for breakfast. The WiFi was really good (let’s be honest that’s important!). The standards reflect the price, it was £35 pp, for two nights, compared to travel lodge/premier inn/jury’s inn prices at around £200-£250 for two nights so it was a much cheaper option.

Day two:  Explore, Explore, Explore…


Well it was a busy old day I can tell you that! We got up early and we went to find somewhere local to go for breakfast but we were that hungry we ended up mixing a Greggs and McDonald’s breakfast at 9am,

after this we wandered round for a bit going into Waterstones and doing the relaxing shops before hitting the shops hard! At around 11am ish we were walking down a main street and became intrigued by this little stairwell leading to a coffee shop that looked quite expensive. We were shocked to see that the prices were so cheap, so we ventured upstairs to find The Willow Tea Rooms.


Designed by Charles Macintosh it screamed modern for a setting so classic, there was a varied age range and beautiful interiors. It had a stunning array of fresh bakes and billions of teas, be sure to visit this place in Glasgow city centre. (AT BUCHANAN STREET
97 Buchanan Street, Glasgow G1 3HF) I know it doesn’t seem normal to visit a tea room not a nightclub, but I was really keen to find somewhere that is unique to Glasgow to visit and review & tell you guys too!

We then carried on shopping and down this little side alley we went inside Prince’s Square, can only describe as the poshest indoor shopping centre I have ever seen! Although it was absolutely stunning, the interiors were wooden with golden lifts and it looked like something out of a fairy-tale, beautiful. Just beautiful. We didn’t buy anything we were just being typical tourists and taking pictures aha, we also visited St Enoch shopping centre… shamelessly we did go to Hanley’s toy store but it’s always healthy to indulge in kids toys and wander round for a bit!

After being all shopped out we headed back to the hotel to get showered and ready to go out for the evening.

We decided to go somewhere for a meal and go to the cinema. Myself and Shania’s nights out are basically about food, drinks and films aha. We went out to Bella Italia, a really nice restaurant that you can get in majority of city’s but we’d both never been and were hungry so we thought we would try it. I can’t remember the name of what I had but it was mash, breaded chicken and salad in an amazing sauce with cheese and was absolutely incredible. We whipped around the corner and got a Starbucks at the cinema, we went to watch a film called Happy Death Day (click this link to watch the trailer), which is really creepy but basically about a girl discovering how she was murdered by reliving her death day… highly recommend and it’s still out in cinema’s so go and watch 110%!


Then as the film finished it was pouring it down with rain at around 10pm at night so we stopped by at McDonald’s to have a Mcflurry to help us walk all the way back to the other side of the city, completely drenched we crashed for the night, had a few more ciders and went to sleep. The following morning we sadly both had to leave very early to get our transport back to opposite ends of the country 😦 so we grabbed breakfast and then made our way home.


We both had a great weekend catching up and spending lost time together, ended up costing around £300 so if you have a long distance friend be sure to plan in a trip doing all of your favourite things and enjoy the time you spend together. True friendship isn’t about being inseparable, it’s about being separable and nothing changes. Distance means so little when someone means so much…

Hope you enjoyed my little weekend post!

Thanks for reading 🙂

SC ❤

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