Morning Routine ☁️☀️ 

I know this is a little late but I thought for anyone who’s still struggling here’s my morning routine. Everyone’s back at school this week so I hope in some way this helps people reading this to establish a routine and trial and error different ways they like doing their mornings. Everyone’s different but here’s mine ☀️

TIP: Morning Routine Visual 

I have a copy of this morning routine below attached to my wall but very simplified just to remind me of timings and keep me on track so I’m not late!  📚

The night before…. 

I always like to Pack my bag and get sorted so that I know I have everything that I need and last minute packing generally means you miss something so organising the night before is an extra way to make sure you’re prepared for the next day. If I’m extra prepared then I also lay out my clothes & shoes for the next day too- make sure you check the weather to give you an idea of what you need in terms of warmth & waterproof etc..
I always plan out my lunches every Sunday night when I’m going to eat at Sixth form ir take sandwiches. If I’m taking sandwiches I always make them the night before so I have a hassle free morning- I’m really not a morning person so I follow a routine to make sure I’m not late.
Let’s face it majority would prefer to be in bed.

(Me anyways! 😴)

      • Morning Routine •


7:00am•         This is the time I tell my body to wake up with an alarm I have on my phone. I then open my curtains and spend the next 15 minutes waking up and mentally preparing for the day. Sometimes I listen to a podcast called the Daily Medatation Podcast {between 6-13 mins long -Itunes} and this can be really good if you like to wake up and not be on your phone straight away.

7:15am•        I get out of bed and head downstairs for breakfast which is normally a glass of water and some cereal, maybe porridge, smoothie (or even a cooked breakfast if I’m in school a little later in the morning and have extra time) but generally something quick and easy.
7:15-7:45am•        At this time in the morning I let my self scroll through social media – not going to lie the first I click on is Snapchat! –

and eating breakfast finishing off really giving myself time in the morning to fill up ensuring that you have eaten enough to get you through the first few hours of school.

7:45am•        GET READY >>> I spend around 20-30 minutes showering, following a skincare routine,

putting make up on, getting clothes on and putting away rubbish or any crockery from breakfast. In order to come home to a clean and organised environment.

8:10am•        Grab pre-packed school bag & head downstairs put on shoes and put pre-packed lunch into my bag. (If I’m having it) Then begin making coffee to take to school with me



I currently use Tassimo Coffee Machine (around £70) and I use the L’OR espresso pods & heat milk in the microwave to make myself a mini latte. I purchased disposable take out cups so I could drink coffee on the way to school, only reason being that Travel mugs are a pain to carry around all day for hours so disposable cups which are around £1.50 for 8 (Tesco) make a great alternative. I never have more than one coffee a day and if I don’t want to drink it I can take a little thermal Pod which I bought from Amazon. The pod is a tiny flask (200ml) + really easy to transport around with you and was £8.99 when I purchased it. If you have a locker you can Always store it if there or in your bag. It’s a great mini investement as it can also be used for soups etc…

(As you can see mine got damaged in the dishwasher but it’s fully this colour when purchased)

8:15am•        I make myself a coffee in the morning if I want to take it either in the Pod or in a disposable take out cup ☕️.

8:25am•        I leave the house coffee in hand, put on my headphones and listen to some relaxing music en route for a day studying in sixth form..

All I do after that is enjoy my coffee and bin at either at school or en route to school.


Thanks for reading 🙂

SC ❤

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