Packing: Hacks, Tips and Organisation 💼

Something new for this blog…  I have been in Southern England on holiday, packing for UK holidays can be relatively easy; but included in this post is packing for when you’re relying on weight scales/hand luggage only holidays abroad.

E n j o y


Hack #1

Use some paper or in my case a bullet journal, and write out a packing list, I always find that creating subtitles with types of clothing/skin/technology etc… allows you to cover all the bases of things you need on holiday.

Hack #2

This first hack is the way you organise clothing to pack with you wherever you’re going. Tidy your surroundings so you can make as much mess as you need laying out outfit options and organising. If you’re going abroad then make sure to check your baggage allowance – TIP -if you can purchase lightweight luggage. Cheaper Option/ More expensive option .  First of all follow the list you’ve written and get out the similar items of clothing and put them in piles… e.g. jumpers, tops, swimwear etc.. then after this organise them into piles & pack in your case. This way you are checking your clothes for packing twice, and by ticking off your list you can ensure that you are less likely to forget anything.

Hack #3

This final clothing hack, I have seen allot online- tried and tested for you… so here it is! (instructions are hand drawn next to a photo example of this life hack!)

Review… UK or Abroad?

Testing out this life hack I chose not to do it when packing to go on holiday in the UK, as this requires some form of condensing your outfits and I wanted to take multiple options as I simply had the room because I didn’t have to conform to baggage/weight allowances. However, I think this would be great for going abroad as it means a whole outfit can take up minimal spacing.

Final Tip!

Lay out everything you want to take with you, here is what I took with me on my travel bag (a waterproof rucksack).

From left to right

English notebook & summer reading book, Personal book, IPad- with Top of the Lake series downloaded on BBC IPlayer, Paracetemol (headaches in cars), sunglasses, tissues, heart burn tablets,(TIP: Pandora box to hold extra jewellery to prevent it from getting lost or a tin in general), Personalised heart shaped mini perfume bottle, Apple earphones, Cath Kidston hand sanitiser and hand cream, chewing gum, nature valley bars and purse (primark).


DSCN1740 (2)

Please let me know in the comments if this is subject for this blog is of interest to any of you- if you have any tips/life-hacks then comment those two!!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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