Travel: Devon 🌞 

Welcome to my third travel piece!

In advance- this is a long blog post but i wanted to cover everything we got up to! All of the days have links to websites that can tell you more information or if you want to book for any of the things that we did! Hope you enjoy reading this travel post…

Day one: Travelling and Arriving at Holiday park

Gloucester services… woahhh… fanciest services I’ve ever been to! Hidden under hills the restaurants inside served quick food, I say a posh fast food restaurant. Although lovely and modern the services were quite expensive compared to others.
I had the leek & potatoe soup & bread roll (£4.50) from the cheapest of the three restaurants and a coke alongside it (£2.00). prices for other restaurant remained expensive around £8.00-just for a toastie?!?

Day two: Exeter



We went to this cosy independent coffee shop down a back alley in Exeter, quite near Costa but i wanted to try somewhere unique to the city so we went in…

After we had been to the coffee shop we adventured to Exeter’s Underground Passages, which showed how sewers were originally built and you got to explore some of the passages that were safe enough for the public, although the spaces were quite tight and if you have claustrophobia i wouldn’t advise visiting this.

LUNCH: After this we headed down to the quay, we sat and ate lunch at the The Prospect Inn, a reasonably big independent pub, with plenty of outdoor seating. Service was great and the food was really delicious and expertly presented.

After this we walked in all the shops that were hidden in semi-circles and pedlos on the quay, for those of you who don’t know they are boats that are powered by peddles driven by the two people in the front seat- so the guests in the back don’t have to do anything! Exeter Pedlos are super cheap around £6-8 for four people/a boat.

Day Three: Hope Cove

Travelled around 40 minutes to this small seaside town. It has two small beaches and 2 eating places. One is the Hope and Anchor and the other is The Cove. The hope and anchor’s food was average with good service, however the cove was allot nicer and family run little pub made the atmosphere really delightful.

Chips and cheesy chips at the hope and anchor

Drinks at the cove

Hope cove was beautiful, i sat on the beach and read the book All the light we cannot see by Anthony Doerr, as it was quite cold i threw on a thick grey jumper from primark and sat under our mini beach tent (can buy these from aldi around £10). After this we then went to put our beach items away in the car and headed to the cove as we were keen to try out both of the pubs that offered food on the seafront. The cove was friendly, had a cheery vibe and was very welcoming. We ordered some soft drinks, the local beer and a pepperoni pizza to order, the staff were really helpful and i asked whether the food was pre-bought and they said that everything is made to order as they are quite a small pub.

Day Four: Chilled day & the river EXE

It took us a while in the morning to get up and moving, but my brother is a skateboarder and everytime we go on holiday we find a skatepark; so that was todays’ mission. The skatepark isn’t easy to find from the directions on the internet, but once we arrived my brother said the skate park has had allot of different ‘obstacles’ or whatever they’re called haha.  When we arrived at the skate park it was right next to the river exe, across from the river was a pub called mill on the Exe. We ordered some drinks and some chips to much on whilst my brother spent an hour or two skating in the skate park. The chips arrived before the drinks and we were waiting a good 15 minutes until we went inside to further request that they brought out our drinks, wasn’t pleased with the service as it took too long just to bring drinks over especially when we’d already had the food. I sat and did some English work but we eventually got two teas & an americano.

In the afternoon, upon recommendation we visited the house of marbles in Devon- free entry! The house of marbles has an array of displays and history as well as a shop with some incredible designs in available to buy, not to my surprise but the amazing designs were super expensive! There is also an amazing viewing area where you can see up-close-and-personal the works being made and cooled, put together.

Day Five: Woodland Theme Park

Day five was spent having a chilled morning, lie ins, late breakfast and taking a morning of the holiday to relax. Then around 11:30 we headed to Woodland Theme Park– which was described as a smaller version of Alton Towers- however, there was no roller coasters just your typical kind of rides. We paid around £60 for the four of us (family ticket) and once you have paid there was no extra costs unless you wanted to buy refreshments. The theme park was incredible- I’ve never been to Alton towers so I can’t really make a comparison but it wasn’t what i expected. There is availability to stay on the site and then pay for access to the park in static caravans or camping etc.. We had an amazing time, they accommodate both children and adults, it is more catered towards children but there are many things that adults can do as well. The part that i loved the most was the giant adult play area- it was not what i had expected but it was insane to revert back to being a child and not having to crawl because everything was made to adult height and there was no age restrictions just height for younger children on some of the slides. The slides were honestly so scary- there was one where you dropped down a vertical slide, you had to lower yourself down. Allot of people didn’t believe me when i said the slide was vertical – IT WAS… I managed to find a clip that showed the slide… if you want to see it watch and if you go this is a place i would highly recommend out of all the places we visited. Especially if adults want to accompany their children its super easy and fun for them to go into the area as everything is made to fit adult size (and there are lockers where you can place your belongings and a picnic and fast food area to eat as well).

Some of the following photos were taken from Google Images, they are listed in the photo description. Majority of them are my own.

Heres another link that i found on Youtube of someone who vlogged their day there:

Day Six: Beach Day @ Teignmouth

We traveled around half an hour to Teignmouth, if you just go to the beach its nice enough and if you go and search further you can find some really lovely independent shops scattered around the town along with your typical ones. When we arrived we had a bacon butty on the seafront at the East Cliff Cafe , then we went paddling in the sea. Although it was bright sunshine and around 20 degrees, still it wasn’t really warm enough to go swimming in the British sea! (without  a wet-suit!!!)

Then in the afternoon we went back to Finlake and used their facilities as it was the warmest day yet, we went in the outdoor pool, there is also a reasonably big flume which goes into the outdoor pool. Both the indoor and the outdoor pool had a children’s area. New facilities are opening at some point this year- they look allot better than the ones that Finlake currently have, but they were really well kept and looked after.

In the evening we went to the National championships fireworks display in Plymouth from the Royal Western Yacht Club. The fireworks were incredible, this event happens once a year and i would 100% recommend seeing it if you’re available- its on for two nights with three different performances (they have to wait until dark to start the competition so the one i went to was 9:30-10:30) and i would definitely get a taxi or walk far enough away that you don’t get caught in all the traffic!

Day Seven: Buckfastleigh

Last full day in Devon- boy were we exhausted!!

We headed over to see an otter and butterfly sanctuary, the animals have been rescued so ticket prices were quite high (£30 for a family park) but that is to maintain the organisation and to help further their work in rescuing the animals.

We walked around Buckfastleigh Station which had coal-fired trains (the old fashioned kind) was super cool seeing them, we waited on the bridge to see the train leave the platform, it was insane as the steam from the train passing by left a white screen covering what once was the view of the station. then we headed to the station cafe, which was nice enough, the food was all cooked to order and i had beans on toasts and we had the typical tea & coffees.

After this we went to the otter and butterfly sanctuary and this was awe-inspiring as the otters were so cute and funny, the butterflies were incredible creatures of nature with their different coloured wings were beautiful. There was one otter that you could see from the underwater viewing area, and it was so pleased to have guests watching it began showing off doing multiple tricks like back-flips and rolly-pollies underwater, it was adorable and cute to watch! We also watched all the otters being fed at around 2pm, this was really interesting as the guide talked through each of their stories, this was a great insight and i would 100% recommend visiting at feeding time.

Mini Review of Finlake Holiday Park (Hoseasons)

This is the end of my amazing trip to Devon, we stayed at Finlake Holiday park in one of their VIP Silver lodges, which basically meant we paid for our own private hot-tub. The hot-tub was really well kept along with the rest of the site but someone came every few days to top up the chemicals and check the water etc.. The site was okay but the new opening not being there was disappointing because it looked incredible from what we could see of the building works however, there was still plenty to do but more if you left the park and discovered things nearby.

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