Travel: Castleton Adventures


Welcome to my second travel piece!


This fathers day weekend, my step-family and I went to Castleton, a town filled with more than I ever thought to be honest. I believe I have been here as a child but not a memory I can think of currently, perhaps it’s a ‘memory’ that other people tell you not one of yourself that it is embedded in your brain- somewhere.

Speedwell Cavern- A journey by boat

We first of all did the tourist attraction Speedwell Cavern which tells the story of the mining industry and their search for lead. The tour consists of walking into mines and being transported through them in a boat. The roof of the mines is quite low and there is limited space around the boat; as I don’t like confined spaces this was a little uncomfortable but the tour guides do place warning that it’s not recommended if you have claustrophobia. The boats in the tour are spacious and the cold air underground means that the warmth of being close to another in a boat is dampened. Feel free to read more here… Speedwell Cavern Website .

If you’re an adrenaline junkie or a caver there is an opportunity to go caving but you’d need extra research etc.. For those scientists reading about how humans can go to a mine surrounded by limestone, there is a fan that allows the regulation of oxygen and normal breathing – which ultimately cleans the air of a radioactive gas produced in this environment called Radon (makes it safe to breathe down there). However, the whole experience widened my eyes to the use of child labour within mines with limited tools and bosses who were more focused on the produce, the tools and money, than the people who grafted to get the leaders their money’s worth.

Lunch- Vintage Inn

After this we went walking through the town, searching for a light lunch for the family, we ended up at Vintage Inn, around the corner from the Bulls Head (which was too busy to eat at). The food was heaped portions for the right price, staff served us greatly. I had a Caesar Salad (it came with anchovies but i decided not to include them)  the normal salad comes with a gorgeous garlic flatbread > the best flatbread I’ve ever tasted!! I also added chicken on the top of the salad just for extra bulk I guess. One of the best salads I’d ever had- I don’t eat them regularly but for a change I decided to be healthy-aha.


Afternoon Walking

We then walked up the famous Mam Tor, this was breathtaking and took about an hour and a half to walk to the top, however, it probably took us longer as we had a 27’c heat empowering us to stop every 15-20 minutes to keep hydrated. On our walk we found Millie’s – this adorable camper van parked in the middle of the route we were following, selling cakes, coffees and ice creams/lollies. I wished for an iced coffee but unfortunately they didn’t sell them so the rest of my family brought lemonade (Schweppes) ice lollies. I decided I didn’t fancy the stickiness of melting lemonade on a stick as we were walking and eating at the same time->> could have been messy. So I decided to go for an ice lolly in the contained form- major throwbacks to childhood memories!


The top was beautiful and rewarding considering the heat- The walk down was a lot faster than the way up – promise!

Millie’s- Mini Camper van


I shall say no more and let the views do the talking…

Mam Tor, Castleton


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