Travel: Eastbourne bound

Welcome to the first travel diary of this blog! Hope you enjoy… Welcome to Eastbourne…


Day one : Saturday 27th May 2017

Today we woke this morning and got to Macclesfield train station around 1pm. From there we waited in the waiting room, surrounded by people who were dressed for the summary weather that occasionally hits Macclesfield, perhaps once a year? maybe less – once in an infinity? It was above 18.c?! mental right? (I guess you’d only know if you lived here but just imagine the sun being as infrequent as the rain in a dessert.) Thank goodness they have air conditioning on trains… or we would all be melting… Northerners aren’t used to the sunshine you know. Travelling down to the capital, navigating the tubes and eventually jumping on the right train- around four hours later we arrived in Eastbourne station, we were picked up by the family friends who we were staying with. Then we grabbed the different baggage that we’d dragged down to the south and settled in to a cosy seaside bungalow, my companion had the double bed and I offered to sleep on the camp bed- which wasn’t that bad when you’re sleeping on a piece of material layered with multiple duvets as a comfy base. We were treated like 5 * guests, my family friends were highly accommodating.

Day two: Sunday 28th May 2017

Our first day in the seaside town, we woke up and attended the church service that our hosts were members of, the modern style building and welcoming regulars created an experience where anyone could attend and judgement was no-where to be seen. The church held a variety of individuals all with their own stories of life, their own different personal experiences that even a quick glance in their eyes you could see the spark alight by their faith.

Day three: Monday 29th May 2017

Eastbourne, the retirement city- Right or wrong? I’ll tell you something- not on bank holiday Monday. The town was heaving with life, bustling tourists and annoyed citizens trying to have a quiet coffee in a town that is known as the last stop for the elderly, before the shiny gates that is. Half-term and Bank holiday didn’t help.

We went into Primark, thinking that it would be different to all the unorganised, cluttered shops in the north, but it was only similar, I feel on a different day without so many different holidays coinciding it could have been quieter. Later on in the evening, at the beautiful harbour we had briefly visited on the Saturday evening when we arrived, we had found a restaurant that perfectly overlooked the harbour in Eastbourne. Pablo’s a Mediterranean restaurant, with staff that catered for your every need, sensory and welcoming surroundings. We had amazing food that delighted every taste-bud, the different variety of dishes made a final choice an intense decision. The harbour was filled with boats, bobbing gently on the water and was the perfect accompaniment view to the meal. 

Day four: Tuesday 30th May 2017

A day in this wonderful city. A city of colours, bright and joyful surroundings and people.

Brighton is home to many popular destinations but our aim was to find the shops and the places hidden around the corners, kept in the dark from the shadows of larger branches. One of these places was Holly’s kitchen, which having a steaming cup of coffee and snack heaven in a modern setting with handmade décor.

Then we walked around the popular Lanes, visiting everything from local shops to famous confectionary stores.

For lunch: we decided to go to Pizza Express in the lanes,(not very adventurous but it’s pizza so who isn’t up for it?!) and refuelled with dough based dishes.

Then we walked along the sea front, with wind carrying the smell of the distant sea- never have I seen a pebble beach this long..! We overlooked the many art galleries that were hidden in tiny arches but filled with life and colour. The array of shops, destinations, personalities, and vibrancy of colour everywhere made visiting Brighton a day to remember. I was sad to go home and leave this beautiful city.

Day five: Wednesday 31st May 2017

During our stay, this Wednesday we had a lazy morning, a morning that was full of open adventure and not knowing where we would be travelling too next. We woke to the smell of strong coffee lingering in the air, toast freshly popping out of the toaster, and porridge bubbling on the stove. With full stomachs and eyes widened from the sudden influx of caffeine, we got ready and bundled into the car. Driving through country lanes and along the seafront, we arrived at beachy head, the cool-box was dragged into a field with a secluded bench in view of the Birling Gap and the edge of the seven sisters.


As we tucked into the delicious dinner we watched the mist of the sea cloud the fields that were layered in front of us until the edge of the cliffs were no longer visible. Then we headed along to the road to a national trust conserved café, behind the cliffs that disappeared moments ago, there myself and my companion travelled down a spiral staircase to the beach, exploring the pebble foundations and endless views.

We went to a local pub around the corner from Birling Gap, a lovely setting and for once it’s warm enough to sit outside- what i love about the southern end of England !! Firstly we went to the pub called the Beachy Head, we had a few drinks there before hand – I had a virgin raspberry and grapefruit mojito.

Then we went to see the seven sisters on a walk before dinner and decided to go back to the Beachy Head for dinner-  I had a chicken pie and the sides of mash and carrots- great service and lovely settings.

Day six: Thursday 1st June 2017

Travelling back was a different story, we arrived at the station and multiple people were influencing our choices against which train to take, when we eventually hugged and gave thanks for the stay, we thought we were on the wrong train. The train we were on had confusing electrical communications that meant that we thought

DSCN0678 we were going in the opposite direction to where we went to. We began to panic, thinking all of our tickets will be gone, our reserved seating booked weeks ago and every other train missed, plans for when we got back cancelled. It seems we didn’t have the absolute train knowledge to read simply that the stop we wanted was the last stop and we were on track. P H E W. Panic over.


We arrived at Brighton station, after the panic of not knowing which direction we were travelling in, wow. The diversity in Brighton is amazing, it’s the city of colours, just like a few day before everyone was dressed to impress and pulling into the city station automatically placed a huge smile on my face. Like the scene from La La Land when they have the perfect life at the end, colours and happiness, like Brighton. Next was London, essay typing en route and trying to complete assignments, it seems sometimes teachers don’t understand the word ‘holiday’.

I had the most amazing time and cannot wait to go back. I will surely be visiting Brighton again some-point next year even this year if i’m lucky!

All pictures are taken by myself- Please do not steal them.

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