How to deal with down days…

Down days are bound to happen at somepoint.

For me, i’d much rather just get into bed for these kinda days, put a film on, eat some crap food and enjoy my own company.

But? How do you lift your spirits whilst not relying on other people to do it for you?

I have a large window in my room, i love to sit here on a beautiful evening or a normal one, beautiful clear skies are a rarity where i live. Trust me. Perching on the windowsill in ‘trampy’ clothes (the kind you wouldn’t go out in but not quite pjs?), hair tied in a top knot and indulge myself into a different world whilst hanging my legs above the roof and transport my mind elsewhere. Whilst i break into a different dimension, era or character, i appreciate the fresh air whipping past my face and the sounds of nature all around. Other people, who may not be reading fans, can simply sit outside.

Canal #6

I find my backyard to be too familiar to fully relax, at least from the windCanal #5ow i have a high top view. Therefore, the canal is my spot. Weird i know, but hear me out… there’s this quaint little bench aside a bridge connecting from where i live to the farms and the more rural parts of my community. (at the bottom of these stairs). The place where (again i can take a book) but i can appreciate nature and the world around me, majority of the time spending time with Milo and watching him swim in the waters opposite me, awaiting ducks so he can paddle his heart out and never reach them- bless him- he tries.

Canal #2

On down days i like to give my mind time to escape and time to reflect on the smaller things in life such as school, exams, friendships, relationships, work and family. Everyone has a different approach, i prefer to deal with my problem head on. Having seen people have their minds dragged down to despair with depression and suicide, i know we need to acknowledge our thoughts before we can’t handle them.

Anxiety, is another common occurrence, surprisingly it can be present in allot of people’s lives even when they don’t know it. For myself, from what little experience i have had with this i can, in my situation, describe it like the sun in England, comes and goes whenever it pleases. Normally around difficulty and travelling, exam seasons and the future. The bit i pinpoint as my ‘trigger’ is trust. Even having the guts to put my life in the hands of someone controlling a transportation machine. Harmless when used correctly, but incorrectly and its impact is detrimental. Just look at what one man did on a bridge outside governments housing. So much death, anguish and despair with a vehicle (and a dangerous mind). Or sitting in an exam hall awaiting your fate, hoping you’ve done everything you can and then walking out, leaving it all on the table, all those years of hard work. Tested. However, you can prepare for this anxiety and is common with majority of students.

Back to the subject- down days-  This blog i created is sometimes a form of therapy, like photography. But if not online, even a journal with scribbles full of thoughts, happy and sad- the good and the bad, could be your therapy against down days and facing your problem head on.

Or be it shared association? Reading, this for example, other peoples stories can give you so many ways to overcome issues and learn how to prevent them, a guide on how to approach days like these…Canal #7

Grab a cup of herbal tea and take a second to realize your thoughts and freedoms.

Raise Awareness.

You’ve heard my story, my worries, my fear. This is a more common occurrence than you think. I thought it would be fitting to publish my thoughts this time considering May is…


Around one in six people will experience a mental health issue or disorder in a lifetime… spread awareness and more importantly. Spread L O V E.

SC ❤

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