“Everything Is changing – and I’ve been here for too long- got to move on”-Paloma Faith ….

“Everything Is changing – and I’ve been here for too long- got to move on”-Paloma Faith

HOW I SAW SIXTH FORM WHEN I STARTED…. didn’t post this for a while but thought new year here’s a reflection on 2016 starting the new school year… enjoy….

so I thought a great way to begin a non-food related post would be to talk about the ongoing steps, decisions and life changes we make in constantly being able to improve ourselves.

for many people this last week has been the toughest or the easiest week of their year so far. the week where you’re going back to normality as a high schooler, in your first or second year at sixth form, college or uni, or going back to your everyday job.


Maybe you’ve just started your first year in high school, primary school, sixth form, college, University or a new job? whatever the circumstances, everyone can help each other out. personPlaceholder Imageally I’ve spent most of this week taking notes and putting things into files for different subjects. files that are the key to organisation but the bane of most new people’s lives…

So how has Sixth Form changed me in 4 days?? it’s changed my work ethic, I now realise how much work I need to put in to make sure that I achieve what I can. we were reminded this week that as well as grades a late teacher used to go on about how you need to be “kind and gentle” making our new Sixth Form moto – “IF YOU’RE AN A* STUDENT, PERFECT, BE YOU, AN A* PERSONALITY IT’S MUCH BETTER IN HOW YOU REPRESENT YOURSELF AS A PERSON IN ANY FUTURE JOB YOU MAY GET” This took me back to when I got my job as a waitress, I never handed in my CV, they gave me the job because of the skills I already had in me – which were newly discovered at the time I had to admit. They gave me the job because of who I am as a person- so this isn’t someone chatting Crap- it’s true and it’s real.You’re grades are the first point of call in any application but match an application to a face, with your own A* personality and then you’ll have the perfect worker. So in other words don’t let your grades define you, just be you and reach for the stars

Good luck for the rest of this year and for the future chin up kids πŸ™‚

Rest in peace to our teacher who is gone but never forgotten. Thank you for all the inspiration you gave to this school.

SC πŸ’œ

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