SO … 2017…

Because i haven’t posted in a while …. S o r r y …

If you don’t know already I’m Sophie Cartwright, I’m currently an A-level student at a sixth form studying Applied Science, Health and Social Care as well as English Language.

The first three months of A-levels have mainly involved late nights, many deadlines and multiple homework’s or projects which alongside late nights in a pub can be very grueling trust me! BUT… to be positive and optimistic, it’ll all be worth it in the end and then comes the next stage of life i guess… but that in itself is a whole another post.

2017 will hopefully be full of many exciting opportunities, as well as completing my first ever a-level exams, receiving the results and moving onto year 13.  However, the part that scares me the most but is also super-exciting is that i will be able to start my driving lessons this year! 🙂 Which i will be the last one out of my friends; but ah well!  The thought does keep creeping into my head that i will be 18 next year… i find that scary that is adulthood. A D U L T H O O D. When did being a teenager go so fast??!!! ahhhhhh!!!

Anyways … about 2016, it was a rough year in many areas but also a really fulfilling one, i had my year 11 prom (AMAZING)  and was aImage may contain: 10 people, people smiling, people standing and weddingble to achieve my GCSE’s and gather the grades i wanted. (5 b’s and 5 c’s altogether) which i am happy about because in that  moment when you have that envelope in your hand I’ve never been more nervous in my life. I was less nervous applying for  jobs  and convincing an employee that you’re a worthy candidate, and that is something to get nervous about!Image may contain: outdoor I went on many adventures, and flew abroad for the first time in around 9/10 years and fell in love with Majorca beaches and night life (see left)

As well as renting a hot tub for my 16th and my Mums 40th which was awesome and i will at some point do a mini review of the company we rented it from.

to leave you on a final note…




+ all the best for the upcoming 2017

SC 💜

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