My Top 3 Summer Outfits 

Annually in the summer I attend a camp in Wales.

Each year I panic about what outfits I have planned to wear for the day but don’t forget I need to think about evening activities too. A lot can happen in a day but you want to look your best, be comfortable and let your outfit express you but be cheap of course ?! Hopefully this post will inspire you to explore more summer looks…

Here’s one a bought earlier… (Always wanted to say that)


I got an adorable one piece dress from H&M, it’s a comfortable but thin outfit perfect for a sunny beach day, BUT . . . Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, ocean, outdoor, water and nature

with it being England of course I had to pair it with this Cardigan to make sure at night that I’m warm and still looking ready for sunset, sea and sand! Also bought from H&M this woolen cardigan it is comfortable, thick and perfect for this ‘beachy’ outfit in England.

The back to this dress is simply gorgeous so I paired it with a black strapless bra also purchased from H&M. I found that the black looked better than the white weirdly 👀. However this beach visit happened to be in the height of a summer heatwave a very rare one and therefore it was 23.c!!! Image may contain: text and outdoor

For the dress –>> Short Beach dress £12.99

For the cardigan –>> Home page to Miss Selfridge  I couldn’t find the cardigan online after an hour of searching but hopefully you will find it instore (Sorry!) its a thick grey cardigan any will do just for added warmth because England is unpredictable as per!

For the two pack of b+w strapless bras –>> 2 pack Strapless Bra’s

LOCAL BEAUTY IN WALKING DISTANCE … Oh oh … This calls for Converse 

Wales is typically known for its coastal beauty and rolling hills so when out and about walking and exploring; comfort for the feet is my main priority you never want blisters, achy feet or sores because of the wrong shoes –>> in my opinion you can never go wrong with converse or trainers comfort and style aka THE PERFECT WELSH WALKING OUTFIT

I paired this with one of my favourite outfits but again warmth and comfort for me is key! The added style is just a bonus. my typical walking outfit consists of a hoodie, some leggings, a thin top, coat and comfortable shoes. So again, here’s one I made earlier 🙂

Image may contain: shoes

Jumper –>> from Jack Wills this hoodie is the newer updated version of 2016 with the new logo, however if you’re looking for that same one the website has a lot of options, plus the linked hoodie is currently on sale so check it out fast!

Leggings –>> Primark leggings are the cheapest ones I have found to fit any body shape and adapt for a good price too

Shoes –>> normal converse in either Grey or White that belong to my mum – always best if you can nick someone else’s clothes and then they’re really free!!!


 What’s a camp without a good old fashioned camp fire? A place to sing songs, drink tea or hot chocolate whilst socialising with friends. Does anyone else remember as a child going on school trips or camping trips away with your family and singing the hymns toasting the marshmallows then burning your mouth on the melting sticky mess? When you can only wear that outfit once because if you’re too close then all you will smell of is smokey wood -haha like if you can relate 😉

I love re-using pieces in lots of different outfits to help complete them but it also helps to pack lighter too. in this outfit i would wear the leggings that maybe i could wear for 2 separate days and wear them on the second day so that then if you do get that smokey smel it won’t matter because you already have  the most wear out of your leggings or any other piece that you decide to inter-change.

No automatic alt text available.Recently i bought this jumper from H and M its super cosy but printed too, perfect for around the campfire and keeping cosy.

Jumper  –>> NYC_BRKLN Print

Leggings  –>> Primark (same as walk outfit)

Shoes –>> Ugg boots can find anywhere real ones are expensive but you can find many of the same style that are allot cheaper – let me know if you need any advice!

Enjoy  the Summer!

SC 💜

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PINTEREST –>> (sophstercarty) Sophie Cartwright

SNAPCHAT –>> sophie_cartyxx

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