Easingwold, Yorkshire

Late August i took a trip for a family members birthday celebration to York, i found some amazing villages, just like this one. To explore… Easingwold from a first look had beautiful gardens, cafes and community. I was mostly drawn by the old fashioned, vintage buses that were still in use as they lined the main streets and the tea rooms here are continuously carrying the old but modernised look.

Sugar mouse tea rooms, Easingwold

So in this small but packed village you will find many pubs and places to spend your money but my best find of all was this old sweet shop café… don’t understand that?  me neither, let’s take a look what I really mean…

I mean the biggest sweet jars you’ve ever seen as if some sort of old school movie had been brought back to life but; nestled into a small town café providing great food, service and particulary eye candy … literally (if you don’t get the pun have a giggle or roll yours eyes but look at the photos you’ll see what I mean…)


Not to forget the hugely wide range of milkshakes they do, all home-made. i’m not a big milkshake fan but it when it came to this milkshake I had finished it before the food even arrived, it’s really worth a visit if you don’t believe me believe the pictures!

No make up kind of day the perfect day to drink this 🙂

SC 💜

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